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Traditional Air and dirt Separators

HC8 Water Conditioner and Pressurisation Automat

HC Water Conditioner


Pressurisation Automat

Chilled Water or Heating Systems
Patented Dynamic Pressure Relief
Single or Twin Pumps
Small Footprint
Suitable for Biomass
Water Meter for HC8 50 and HC8 100 (Supplied with HC8 200 & above)
Standard or Magnetic Dirt Filter
Water Softener
Minimum Pressure Switch
Salts Reducing Cartridge
Safety Fitting Group
Compenstion for Low Water
Content Systems
Disinfection Kit
Air removal
Dirt removal by settlement
System dosing
Top up
Pressure maintenance
Small Footprint

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HC Pressurisation and Degassing Units Standard Range

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    NO air and dirt seperator required
    NO membrane vessel required
    NO dosing pot required
    Only four connections to be made
    Lower system installation costs
    Lower maintenance costs
    Higher system efficiency
    Lower running costs
    Fewer callouts

The HC8S standard range to 4MW.  For larger systems and/or higher pressures, static heads, bespoke models -  contact us here


  • Expansion - no membrane vessel
  • Automatic pressure maintenance - reduced maintenance costs
  • System top up - equalise water loss
  • Pressure Step Degassing - protects the system from damage
  • Dirt removal - by settlement -  additional filter option
  • System dosing option
  • Modbus connectivity
  • Four alarm outputs
  • Also available as stand alone pressure step degasser

The units do not use a membrane pressure vessel, the expansion is at  atmospheric pressure which not only minimises the expansion vessel size, but also allows the pressure step de-aeration process. 

No membrane in  the vessel means no gas pressure to maintain, no membrane to replace..

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Henry's law and Degassing

Free and dissolved gases or air bubbles, formed during system filling and  absorbed from parts of the heating system are removed using this unique  de-aeration device.

Opening a mineral water bottle produces gases which  were dissolved in the water, the Olymp Automat uses the very same  principal to remove from the installation all aggressive and destructive gases even from remote areas of the system.  See Henry's Law -   adiabatic gas separation.  See left.