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Amicus Air Source Heat Pumps

Key featuresLochinvar Amicus ASHP

 17 models with heating capacities up to 210 kW

 Suitable for LTHW and DHW applications

 Low noise levels

 Operates at up to 6C water temperature

 COP up to 4.4

 Scroll compressors equipped with Economised Vapour Injection


Advanced integral controls including:

 BMS fault and remote on/off signal

 Indirect water heater control/hot water priority

 Anti-Legionella programme

The Coefficient of Performance (COP) ranges from 4.07 to 4.40 across the 17-model range.

These figures are based upon the EN14511 standards of 35C water flow temperature and an ambient temperature of 7C.

Amicus units can operate in temperatures as low as -20C.

All units are high-temperature air to water heat pumps, which means they can supply water at temperatures of up to 63C, making them suitable for a wide range of space heating and domestic hot water applications.


  • Anti-vibration dampers
  • Remote control panel
  • Electronic soft start
  • Interface card for Modbus control



Optimus Gas Absorption Heat Pumps

Key featuresOptimus Gas Absoprtion Heat Pump

  38 kW output

  Indoor or outdoor models

  Low NOx emissions

  Continuous operation, even in defrost mode

  Low electrical output


Optimus skid mounted packages:

The benefits of offsite fabrication are well established and provide many practical advantages when compared with on-site installation. Combinations of 2 to 5 Optimus units are available within a neat Skid Mounted Package providing the opportunity to save installation time and cost. Optimus Skid Mounted Packages are available for Outdoor installation only, and are prepiped, prewired and supplied complete with external sensor and integral cascade control.


  External temperature sensor
Single-unit primary pump 2m head
Single-unit primary pump 5m head
LCGHP cascade control
LCGHP DHW control
Lochinvar boiler interface
Anti-vibration mountings single unit
Buffer vessel temperature probe
Adjustable flat roof mounting frame