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We have a wide range of boilers available, below are two featured manufacturers.

Lochinvar gas boilers

CPM Wall Hung Range

CPM WALL HUNG GAS BOILERS Outputs from 58 to 175 kW @ 50-30C

 High-efficiency/ condensing technology

 Stainless steel heat exchanger

 Low NOx emissions

 Integral A-rated fully modulating pump

 Integral controls

 Ancillary Options

 Cascade Boiler Packages


Herald Floor Standing Range

Herald floor standing gas boilers 8 models, suitable for either Natural Gas or LPG

  Advanced Control Systems – SMART SYSTEM™ Control

  Cascade control for up to 8 Boilers

  Fully modulating pre-mix burner

  Outputs from 41.2 to 228.4kW, based upon 50C/30C system design

  Stainless steel heat exchanger

  Weather compensation


TTB Floor Standing Range

TTB Floor Standing Boilers  Outputs from 418 to 576 kW

   High-efficiency condensing technology

  Triple chamber Stainless Steel Heat Exchange

   Twin burners – providing built-in standby

  Compact design – only 76 mm width

  Integral controls


ATAG gas boilers

 High Efficiency Low NOX - Essential to minimise greenhouse gases

 Exceptional modulation range - phenomenal fuel economy

 Extensive flue options

 Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

 A Series, Q Series and XL Series Domestic and Commercial Q-Solar diagramQ-Solar

 System and Combi condensing and modulating boilers

 Combined boiler and cylinder with optional thermal solar panels

 Cascade boilers for higher output

 Boiler Rigs AvailableATAG Boiler Rigs

 Atag Controls

 Weather Compensation - Optional sensor

 Low Loss Header for Larger Boilers and Cascaded Systems