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Industrial and Commercial Pumps

Full Range of Commercial and Industrial Pumps

Bellows, S/S Pump Connectors, Hoses

Expansion Joints &  Anchors

Air Heater Batteries

air heater batteryDesigned and manufactured to a high standard, a range of   air heater batteries to suite any application.  A repair and replacement service for any heater batteries that may of corroded over the years is also available.  Suitable for LTHW, MTHW, HTHW, Steam.  We can specify and supply the correct heat exchanger to suit your application.  Send us the details.

U-Tube Heat Exchangers

U-Tube heat ExchangersU-tube heat exchangers produced by experienced craftsmen for many years.  Not only do integrated them into the commercial storage and non-storage calorifier ranges w repair and replacement service is also provided. We can specify and supply the correct heat exchanger to suit your application.  Send us the details.

Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate Heat ExchangersBuilt around an epoxy coated chassis , the plate heat exchangers are construed from a number of gasketed stainless steel plates.  The output of an existing unit  may be easily augmented  by fitting additional plates.  Brazed plate heat exchangers are also available.

Contact us with your required flow and return temperatures and the kilowatt rating and we will supply a quotation.

Low Loss Headers

Low loss headerA boilers and heat pumps function at their optimum efficiency when the water flow and velocity through the heat exchanger is maintained within the  specified design conditions.

Fitting a low loss header in your hydraulic circuit allows the required flow and velocity to be constantly maintained which in turn maintains the  maximum efficiency achieved of the heat source.

we offer a standard range of pre insulated and highly efficient  Low Loss Headers manufactured in either high grade mild steel or copper  and to the specific dimensions to suit the capacity of your system.  Our  headers can either be wall or floor mounted, they come with a factory  fitted automatic air vent, drain and various types of insulation and  casing types.


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Inertia Bases and Anti Vibration Equipment

Stourflex_Price_Guide_2010_11th_Edition_html_m60d77fabAnti vibration bases to suit mot pump installations.  Free design available download the enquiry form below.